Review: E.L.F. Studio Complexion Brush

A girl can never have so much makeup brushes, right? So I decided to try out other makeup brush brands. My first one would be from Elf Studio Line, the studio complexion brush. I initially thought it wasn't available here in the Philippines, because I already scoured several Elf kiosks/branches and they always say they have none. I didn't give up though, because I heard may rave reviews about this product, so I searched on and on.

My efforts finally paid off when I saw the brush in Trinoma:

It was sold for Php 249.75, pretty cheap! I decided to get it. It said in the label that it is made from synthetic Taklon brush. I also read in the website that it is antibacterial, but it doesn't say so in the label. I hope it is because that's a big bonus.

The studio complexion brush is basically a makeup brush for blushes, loose or pressed powders, and even bronzers. It promises to create an even and professional finish. I couldn't wait to try it out!

I personally think that good quality synthetic brushes are softer and comparable to animal hair, and this one did not disappoint. It is very very soft and kind of flat, and not very dense. It looks elegant too, given its cheap price.

When I road-tested it, I find that it didn't pick up a lot of pigments so it allowed for sheer application of powder blushes. It gave me an even, natural finish which I can just layer beautifully. I also find that it is perfect for loose powders and blushes that are highly-pigmented. It is not for contouring though.. It also said that it can be used cream/liquid products, but I haven't tried that yet.

I also thought it's durable, and so far, my brush didn't shed at all.

I highly recommend this brush because it's good value for money. It's perfect for loose powders/blushes because it's very soft and it allows sheer application of these products. It's very handy too---it fits perfectly in my hand so it's great for travel and touch-ups.

Looks like I have a brand new staple blush brush!


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