Review: Benefit Coralista

Okay, so it's not even close to summer, but this particular product has become my makeup staple for this past week! I've been looking for a different kind of blush, having been wary of the usual pinks and roses I've been used to...So I decided to try Benefit Coralista:

Don't be fooled by the tropical packaging as this has gotten rave reviews from beauty editors everywhere. I've always wanted to try Benefit's boxed powders, but from other people's experiences I've learned that the other variants (Dandelion and Georgia) are not pigmented as this one. (ofcourse, don't count Dallas and Hoola, which are bronzers). Anyway, the moment I heard that Coralista is a coral-pink blush with slight sheen, I decided to try it. Upon opening the product, it smelled like a tropical fruit punch. I don't think it's offensive to anyone who's sensitive to scents, as it disappears quickly once the product is swiped. Overall the packaging is nice and surprisingly durable.

without flash:

with flash:

The box is pretty sturdy and it comes with a mini-brush. Personally I think the brush is useful as it is soft so I guess it would be perfect for travel. But for my trial I preferred to use my regular blush brush.

The color is a very pretty warm pink with subtle gold flecks. It's more of a pinky-peach with the slightest sheen, not overpowering at all.

On my hand it looks a bit chalky but its not! The slight shimmer wasn't captured, but it is pigmented and very subtle. I find that it's sheer enough to be layered on.

I found my old Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose and I just wanted to compare it:

The shimmer is very apparent here, as it works both as a blush and as a highlighter, as compared to Coralista. Coralista has a very slight sheen that looks very natural in photos and in real life.

When I swiped the blush on my cheeks, it gave me a very flattering, candlelit glow that seems to change depending on the lighting. It's a nice warm pink that looks healthy, not plastered on. Therefore it's a very versatile blush that can work from day to night. It really gave a healthy and sunkissed look that's very natural.

Staying power is also good, but I had to layer more of the product. It's now a staple in my makeup bag and I found that I always wear it because it looks healthy and very natural. :)


  1. I love the packaging and everything. It's very pretty!

  2. I think what people don't get about Dandelion and Georgia is that these can be used as finishing powders, so they're not really that "blush-y".

  3. @ Fifi thanks... yeah at first I thought the box would be fragile...turned out it's very sturdy and the brush could be handy for touch-ups/travel. :)

    @ Kaye - I agree. But Benefit sort-of market the two as "blushes" when they are in fact very sheer...I guess it could work as blush for some people and as highlighter for others...anyway, I'm pretty happy with Coralista :)


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