Hair Secret: Clear Men

I have thick hair with oily scalp and sometimes it's such a chore to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner suited for my hair type. Most of the shampoos being sold are of the moisturizing variety and so my hair usually suffers from greasiness and product buildup. I had my hair relaxed a year ago which addressed the frizz and buhaghag look and up to now it's still great. However, my greasy scalp is in constant need of a shampoo which will clarify and condition my hair without weighing it down. Also, because of my short hair, I need a shampoo that will give enough volume and shine as well, now that it's that awkward "growth stage" where it's starting to grow long.

Guess what, but I found my HG shampoo in Clear Men! It really clarifies, plus it gives volume and body to my short layered bob without the need for a conditioner! The masculine scent is fine and smells refreshing all day, so I guess the shampoo works even better when hair is exposed to the elements (sun, smoke, etc.) The anti-dandruff formula is a great bonus. This product really works!


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