Hair Maintenance

I got tired of my long, layered hair and so I went to Piandre three weeks ago to try a short haircut. I had short hair when I was growing up and in high school, but then I decided to grow it long during college and when I became a working girl. Now, I just felt my hair was shapeless and was weighing me down. So I decided it was time for a change.

My stylist, Ms. Cecile asked me specifically what I wanted: a shorter, low-maintenance cut that would naturally frame and flatter my round face.. She proceeded to work.

What she gave me was a chic, and slightly-layered bob which was slightly longer in the front, It looked sophisticated with lots of volume at the top. It really made my face look slimmer.

For maintenance, she told me to just put on shine serum before I blow-dry my hair. What I love about the cut was that aside from being low-maintenance, it really gave me a different look by depending on which side I choose to part my hair. It was that versatile, and I love it!

I've given up on flat-hair enhancing shampoos, and instead I opted to use Kerastase Volumactive, which boosted my hair's body and shine. Plus I don't really need much conditioner as I have naturally oily hair.

For styling, my brother introduced me to Gatsby Wax, in hard and free formula, which gave my hair definition and kept the frizz at bay. I've no problem with the smell as it's citrus and pleasant. And a little goes a long way.


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