Beauty Quick Fix: Crying in Public

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This particular post will tackle a series of beauty blunders we commit everyday, whether we did them accidentally or not... and how to remedy them. The first one is not necessarily based on experience, but it's something most girls can relate to.

Crying in public can be embarrassing, that's why most girls would probably do it secretly or share it with their close friends or relatives. But sometimes, it can be inevitable. What if you and your boyfriend suddenly had a heated argument during your date? or you read bad news from your email/cellphone? Or found out about something nasty being said to you behind your back? Even good news can make you cry: a birthday surprise, a sudden promotion, your last day at work, a touching celebration you didn't expect...These events can really make us pour our hearts out, and while our close friends will definitely console us with a shoulder to cry on or a cheery smile, it's not necessarily nice to walk down the corridor/sidewalk/restaurant or any public place looking like Rudolph with puffy eyes. This beauty fix will help you get through with your emotions---and your face---still intact and presentable:

1. Start off with foundation/powder. After blowing your nose and wiping off the tears, a stick or cream foundation/concealer will be very handy as it can cover your red nose with their medium-full coverage. If you have none, then a pressed powder/foundation will do. Any yellow-based shade will cover any redness, and if your eyes are puffy from all the excess water that came out, a thin veil of powder will disguise the redness too.

2. Have some eyedrops. Eyedrops will also come in as face savers especially if you've been bawling out like crazy for the past 30 minutes, and discovering later that your eyes are red. Eyedrops helps eliminate all the redness and refresh your eyes.

3.Curl your lashes. Trust me when I say that this will instantly give you a wide-awake look and will help disguise the puffy eyes you've had after crying. And when you look in the mirror, you'll have second thoughts about crying yourself out again.

4. De-puff with eyecream. For a serious case of puffy eyes, an eyecream that contains cucumber or green tea will help minimize the swelling and the bags. Pop it in the fridge for an extra cool boost.


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