Latest pH Care Variant (Ode to Love)

Hey ladies! pH Care recently launched a new limited-edition variant, aptly named Ode to Love. I think this was launched last August 31 to celebrate their "All-iversary" affair for their successful advertisement (remember Joseph and Sophia?). I didn't get to be in the event but when I heard about this latest variant, I scoured malls and was only able to get my hands on this one last week.

Packaging is very cute and romantic in pink, with a simple "ode" written at the back of the package.

The smell is pretty much stronger than the regular variants, definitely more perfume-y and sort-or reminded me of a medley of florals and berries...I think it's really suited to girls who are taken (wink wink).

Since it's a limited edition variant you may want to get this one now before stocks run out! :)


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