At the Stila Counter

I went to the Stila counter at Gateway this week hoping to find a few key products to add to my makeup loot. My birthday is coming up so I'm looking to find a shade or two to use. I was just disappointed to find out that they don't really carry the entire line of products at all, and mostly all of the items I mentioned to the saleslady were out of stock... They don't even have the Barbie Loves Stila collection (But I read it's a US-only exclusive---sigh). I was hoping to buy the cheek color duo but it was out of stock... The convertible colors also have limited shades---they don't even have Lilium! And the cheek color duo ran out a long time ago, according to the saleslady. I was also hoping to get their new lip enamel color but it's still not here as well!

I think all Stila counters are doing well so I'm hoping they would re-stock already and hopefully get the newer items? I really applaud Rustan's for keeping the price budget-friendly and that's already a good thing, but I do hope they would bring more of the product here.


  1. Actually they're releasing Barbie Loves Stila any day this October. As per Desiree Tordesillas, one of Stila's VP who visited MNL 2 weeks ago, Philippines is the only asian country where the said collection will be released. So, that's really something to look forward to :)

  2. now that's good news! thanks for the update.


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