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I only realized recently that I had thick but short lashes. Everytime I would go to a makeup counter for a free makeover, makeup artists would always comment on my lashes, saying how thick they were. So they would always swipe up loads of lengthening mascara on my lashes until they clump! The same thing happened to me while modeling for a makeup class for a smokey-eye look. I don't really fancy to examine my lashes closely because my siblings have better (and longer) lashes than mine.

It also goes to show that I'm not a big fan of mascara. I love the effect, but unfortunately I never found the right formula. Either they would clump or flake at me. I have oily lids so no amount of waterproof formula would stay on me. As for longer wear, Almost all brands I've tried (even the high-end ones) don't really stand up much because I would always have dark rings at the end of the day. Add to that the fact that it's so hard to remove! I've yet to try "tube" formulas though, like Blinc or VMV. They could be better but I have yet to test them.

And so I've relied on my trusty eyelash curler to enhance my lashes ever since. The picture above is my Shu Uemura lash curler in black nickel. I've had it forever because it gives me the perfect, most long-lasting curl every time. But ofcourse, the silicone pads do wear off, and due to measly funds, I tried to seek out other alternatives.

I decided to try out Fanny Serrano's lash curlers. They have the regular full-sized curler and the mini-version, which is the eyelash curler slim. I've heard rave reviews on these products and some say they are the closest match to Shu Uemura and Shiseido.

I didn't want to part with my Shu black nickel so I ended up purchasing the curler refills plus the eyelash curler slim.

The refills fit my Shu curler well, And when tried it, performance wasn't compromised either. It still curled my lashes well.

The mini-version was designed to curl even the tiniest, most stubborn lashes. It pinched my lids a bit, but I figured I'm still getting the hang of it. It also does its job well.

Using them both, my lashes were curled all day.

I have yet to road-test other brands like Shiseido and Japonesque (recommended by Lucy Torres-Gomez).

One more tip I learned from Kris Aquino: Heat the lash curler with a blow-dryer for 10 seconds, and curl lashes as usual. The heat holds and quickens the curl.

Shu Uemura, Shiseido is available in Rustan's. Japonesque is available at Watercolors Salon. Fanny Serrano is available at Watsons. Check out


  1. fanny serrano lash curler is on my shopping list. wanna try out this curler too!


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