Review: my Barenaturals Haul

Finally received my Barenaturals haul (courtesy of Ms. Lami) last week and I have been roadtesting the products and the freebies!

Take a look!

The BN Deluxe Flat top brush is inside the eco-friendly jute pouch. The pre-buy promo entitled the buyer to 5 shades of eyeshadows, plus Ms. Lami threw in a sample shade of foundation (the skin therapeutic variant in golden neutral light), and a sample size of the emu oil skin perfecting soap.
Upper left to right: unnamed shade, rustique, supernova, illusion, and splash.
Lower (l-r): emu oil skin perfecting soap, BN skin therapeutic mineral foundation in golden neutral light.

here are the descriptions:

unnamed shade is a bright,reddish-maroon shade
rustique is a bronzy golden shade with shimmer,
supernova looks grayish-brown but is actually an olive-green shade
illusion is a light green which is perfect for base shadow for a green-themed look
splash is a shimmery blue-green shadow shade.

All their eyeshadows are long-lasting and highly pigmented.

I have tried the emu oil soap and it's very gentle and non-drying. It will suit people with sensitive skins. The foundie sample, meanwhile, is also a nice neutral color but I wished it had more yellowish tinge. It still suited me though.

Now for the brush:

It's my first time to own a flat top brush, and I thought it looked nice! It was densely packed and the gold toned-handle looked classy:

The hairs were very soft. It took me quite some time to get used to the flat top, but when I got the hang of it, I found that it really gave medium-heavy coverage finish for mineral foundations.

densely-packed hairs

Hair variant is synthetic so it's another eco-friendly product. It's light and small enough to carry everywhere, with the jute pouch... and it did not shed. :)

Overall, I highly recommend all their products, and I suggest you get yours! please visit to browse through their extensive collection of soaps, mineral makeup, essential oils, and other cruelty-free beauty products. :)


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