Last weekend, I asked my dad to buy me a Dove white beauty bar. I think it's sold for 43 pesos in groceries. I haven't used this soap for a while but I decided to try it once more after seeing those "soap residue" commercials on tv. And also, it's rainy and cold so it's nice to perk my skin up with a little moisture, and Dove does that beautifully.

Only, I was surprised to hold a mini-soap in my hand. Is it just me, or Dove really was re-sized? I can't remember seeing it this small. I just had to check the label:

Only 75 grams! I guess they didn't want to compromise quality. It still left my skin feeling soft and smooth, without a need for lotion. The 1/4 moisturizing milk really does its job well.

I just hope they would come up with a bigger size of this one.


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