Review: Godiva Green Tea Sunblock SPF 35 PA +++

from their website.

I ran out of my trusty VMV Armada 60 and so I looked for a cheaper alternative...I've tried other products from Nivea and Neutrogena and although they worked great, I found that they looked oily on me after a few hours.

Please be reminded that you need about a teaspoon of sunblock to work on your face and neck otherwise you'll be slathering only half of the SPF prescribed on the product and you have to reapply as well.

Anyway, I decided to try Godiva upon recommendation from Peyups, saying it is a matte sunblock perfect for the face. Actually the product I bought was an upgraded version; it came in a wider tube/bottle. However I didn't find this product on the website, hence the older picture.

Godiva has the staple sunblock ingredients like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide which is anti-inflammatory, and the addition of green tea extract which is a powerful antioxidant. I've been using it for more than a month now.

What I liked about it:

-non-greasy; leaves my face matte
- water-resistant
- concentrated
- zinc oxide helps to calm pimples/redness
- affordable

What I didn't like about it:

- thick, pasty consistency/too matte, which makes it harder to spread all over my face
- leaves a whitish cast (because of titanium dioxide)
- does not look good on its own

Overall, I almost found the product worthy except for the fact that it's too hard to spread---maybe they should make the consistency a tiny bit more fluid just to address this concern. I solved this by mixing a bit of tinted moisturizer with the sunblock. Despite its downsides, I think it could still pass considering its price.

Godiva is available at leading department stores nationwide.


  1. hi! i am a fan of VMV's Armada 60. I think for a time they ran out, so I temporarily switched to Armada Baby 60 :) Have you stocked up on your Armada sunblocks yet? :)

  2. I have! Though I'm currently loving Armada 45 more, because of its matte finish...I think they tweaked the formula of Armada 60, it used to be so matte and now it's runny and more moisturizing.


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