Taming Tresses

I grew up with an oily scalp and thick, wavy black hair that seemed to have a mind of its own since I started my teen years. It would have been better is I had curls, or big waves, but no--- I just had unruly hair that looked like they don't really want to cooperate. I've always thought that tousled was sexy, but as I grew up (and flat hair became the norm) my hair became more unpleasant to look at---I looked like I came from the 90's, or something! When I was finally convinced to relax my hair, I knew I did the right thing (despite my initial apprehensions of hair damage) But I found myself with yet another dilemma---how to cope with dry strands. So, I searched for the perfect product to address these concerns of mine. Since then I've been waking up with straight and manageable hair.

Take a look at my hair savers:

1. Kerastase Oleo-Relax Serum. This is absolutely worth the splurge. I've been using for the past few weeks, and it never let me down. This light, supple oil is easily absorbed by my hair, giving it incredible sheen and control. It smells nice too! A little goes a long way, plus my hair doesn't get "immune" to it (a common problem I find with hair products, with prolonged use).

It just enhances the smoothness and sleekness of my hair. My hair has never been shinier. I really love it!

2. L'Oreal Oiliss Shampoo. I'm loving this one simply because it's part of L'Oreal's recently-launched Nature Series---Haircare science combined with botanicals to naturally care for hair. It contains grapeseed and avocado oil, which softens my hair. Plus a little of the product goes a long way too.

3. CreamSilk Standout Straight Conditioner. Since I had my hair relaxed, conditioner is a staple in my hair-care regimen. This one does the job. It smoothens and relaxes my hair strands and makes it very soft.


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