Best of Beauty part 1

This isn't a year-end assessment of the best beauty products out there because it's long overdue, but I think it's about time I gave credit to the products I have tried and tested time and time again, and eventually, approve of. Ever since I realized I'm a boyish kikay girl I've been involved in a myriad of beauty products and makeup. Some were worth it, others are not. In this business, you won't learn unless you try them all. And even though I am very fickle-minded when it comes to these things, I always long for that perfect product which I can use for life. (Kinda like the way I love, huh).

So it's time to give credit the products that impressed me the most---the hair, face, and skin-savers I've had for the past few years:

1, L'Occitane Extra Gentle Soap in Lavender. I've tried every single facial cleanser in the market, from drugstore to high-end brands, and nothing ever came close to this one. I bought this on a whim, just because the store newly opened in Trinoma, and it was originally intended for my body because I thought I needed the extra moisture due to the cold weather. Due to my laziness I decided to try this on my face and the results surprised me----I've used it over and over again but it never dried my face---it just left me with soft and clean skin. I've struggled with minor breakouts in the past, but ever since I used this one, I've never had a problem with them anymore. The lavender does have antiseptic and soothing properties. I never thought I'd find my holy grail of a facial cleanser --- in a bar of soap!

2. Dickinsons Witch Hazel Toner. Because I'm oily, I've also tried every single pimple-fighting product that I could get my hands on. But this one is the winner. Sure, I've had this humongous bottle for years---back when I was still in BOI --- and I swear it's my skin-saver whenever I suddenly find a pimple or two in my nose or anywhere in my face. (due to lack of sleep, or my pore-clogging makeup). I just slather it like water, leave it overnight, and there's no trace of pimples in the morning. Unbelievable.

3. VMV Armada 60. I always, always came back to this one. I bought other alternatives because I thought I couldn't afford it, but this is the only one that works on my face--- it's non-greasy and it makes me fairer. They tweaked the formula a bit and now the texture is runny rather than matte, but it still covers my pores and gives me a dewy look. I don't care that other companies say that an spf 15 is just the same as a 30 or 40 or higher---SPF 60 is still 60. And it blocks all other kinds of UVs in between. (note: I still want to try SPORT 70, although it's more of a water-resistant version, and not for lightening skin).

4. Sekkisei. I just tried this as a freebie sample set back in 2005, but I was impressed that it did brighten and soften my skin. It's made for drier complexions but I don't care. I've been a fan of whitening products for years, but this one gave me the best results, in my opinion. It's Japanese technology merged with the wonders of nature. How can you go wrong? I hope I can buy my full-sized bottle soon.

5. Avalon Organics Vitamin C cream. For a while I thought I was fine with my sunblock, but the cold weather and airconditioning in the office made my skin dry. For a regular moisturizer, this has the best texture. It doesn't make me oily, it holds my makeup well, and keeps my skin soft. It also has a pleasant smell.

6. Mestiza Papaya Soap. I learned this brand from Rissa Samson in her column at the Philippine Star. When I started using this one, my back pimples have disappeared, even though I still bathe with water that's a tad too warm. No other whitening soap did that. The herbal concoction brightens my skin, and although I originally intended it for my face, it was too drying so I limited it on my body. I guess it's fine to use on summer. Also, with this product, I've eliminated my use of body scrubs. BONUS: Virgin coconut oil has antiviral properties. They do see the difference, because my brother now uses it too.

7. Creamsilk Damage Repair Cream. Because I now use straightening iron, this one really helps repair damage and gives back my thick locks. I use this whenever I feel my hair is becoming brittle.

8. Arm and Hammer toothpaste. Another one I've learned from Ms. Rissa. Haha, this product got me believing in toothpastes again! (because technically, all the other ones in the market are toothgels). I've also tried them all, but this one is the hands-down best--- it even beats the major brand! It's a paste but it gives the mintiest flavor that lasts and lasts --- a must for dates! Micro-scrubs clean my teeth well, without the harsh, too-abrasive feeling. It's the only toothpaste that gives me the cleanest feeling in my mouth. Plus the whitening baking soda is a huge bonus. And the product is bursting full! Definitely value for money. SM ran out of supplies last month, but I saw it a while ago. Good thing! I'll be broke but I'll buy it.

9. Clean and Clear oil control paper with powder SPF 19. Again, it wipes the oil, not the makeup. It's handy and perfect for touch-ups. It's expensive but it does the job. I can even use it alone without any other makeup.

10. Shu Uemura eyeshadows. My recent buy, and I don't regret it. Even though Ms. Suzanne says that eyeshadows don't have to be high-end because they're just an "image" color, I'd still go for Shu, no less, because of its staying power with no touch-up required. Color payoff is true. It's creamy and blendable. It can be used wet or dry. Shimmery shades are not tacky. Doesn't budge, doesn't smudge. Best of all, NO CREASING. guaranteed.

11. Lancome Juicy Glace (Beige Letea). Honestly, I won't even try lesser drugstore brands if I can afford every single designer beauty brand out there! It's the quality that speaks for itself. I've raved about this before, and what can I say? Nude color, can be mixed and matched with other glosses and lipsticks. Tingly feeling. Non-sticky. Fills in all the lines and cracks. Highly moisturizing and long-lasting. Result: full, plump lips. Perfect for smoky eyes. Too bad it's limited edition. I've tried other Juicy Tubes, but this one's the best.

12. Shu Uemura eyelash curler. Who says it lasts for 6 months per silicone pad? I've had mine for two years and it's still good as new. (It's the limited-edition black nickel). Perfect curl that lasts everytime, with the minimum amount of effort (now that I've learned how to use it properly). I also realized it's easier to control. Just perfect.

13. Evian Facial Spray. Who would have thought that a bottled water can do so much? This one lightly hydrates, and gives me a glow. Must be the glacial water full of minerals. I use it as a facial mist to freshen me up, or as a final touch to makeup. It works everytime.

14. Suesh makeup brushes. I just recently blogged about this! But I can't stop praising this product. Makeup brushes are a must for kikay girls. They really do the job, and they make you flawless. They're super-soft and it makes me happy just cleaning them. :D Special mentions--- the stipling brush, for giving me that air-brushed look, be it with powder, mineral makeup, or liquid foundation---toolbrush, because I can use it to lightly infuse my skin with shimmer---and the eyeshadow brushes, which guarantee smooth application of the products everytime!


  1. Creamsilk Damage Repair Cream - i use this weekly. really did wonders for me in bringing my hair back to life after i had it permed 2 years ago

    Clean and Clear oil control paper with powder SPF 19 - i always carry this with me. more than any other beauty product, i always make sure i have this on my purse. hold up, it's got spf???

    great list! thanks for sharing :)

    started followin ya!


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