Beauty Review: Benefit Posietint

Benefit Posietint is a cheeky-pink version of their famous bestseller, Benetint. When applied correctly, it's supposed to give a lovely pink flush. I think this is really flattering on ladies with light skin and hair, but I still gave it a try.

in general: It almost didn't work on me. Read on.

Texture and Color: I was expecting something gel-like, nail polish-like, or whatever because that's what I read about previous reviews, but in my opinion, it's the same liquid texture like Benetint, only it's opaque. When I opened it, it didn't look scarily bright pink either.It just sort-of reminded me of cuticle remover--- only it's a warmer shade of pink, as opposed to the cool pink of the latter.

Application: Ofcourse, I tested it on my hand first, and saw that it dried pretty fast, but I find that when I blended too quickly, the color disappeared on my skintone as well, so when I applied it on my cheeks, I waited a bit before I patted and blended the color. This trick also didn't put much of the product on my fingers, and allowed the color to stay put on my cheeks.

Swatches: On my skin, it looked like a warm, light flush of pink. It was also very sheer and not opaque at all on my skin. On my lips, it gave an even deeper shade of pink, probably because of my natural red lip undertone. I thought that with its initial opaque look it would give off a light pink tint on my lips... lol.

Lasting power. On my hand, no amount of rubbing would budge it off. And I find that it also worked on my lips as well, drying out to a budge-proof pink on my lips. I'm wearing it now on my cheeks too, and I'll have to wait till the afternoon to see if it does stay on the whole day.

It really is very sheer even when I layer it on. But the nice part is, the color stayed very natural-looking and see-through no matter how I piled on the powder.

Did it give me the Japanese schoolgirl look? Only up to a certain extent, because my skintone has heavier yellow undertones.

But as a whole, I liked it --- it's very natural and light, and perfect for my no-makeup look.


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